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  Normally I don't write reviews here but have to in this case! I had the best experience when I bought my car and drove it straight over to deluxe window tinting to have PPF installed along with Windows tinted. They went above and beyond and even use PPF on my door seals and other areas. Of course this work is not cheap, however relatively speaking, it will add significant value to your car by protecting the paint! I highly recommend this company doing this type of work and really can't say enough about the owner Albert who provided amazing customer service and really cares about your car! Thanks Deluxe Window Tinting for an amazing experience with my brand new, off the car lot, car!

thumb Mark H.

  We took our 2022 RAV4 Prime for window tinting. After giving us the demo to see the difference between no tint, film, and ceramic, we decided to go with ceramic. A couple weeks later we still have no regrets. The job took an extra 90 minutes because they were backed up due to earlier clients being late to their appointments. No big deal since we were planning on going for a jog on the trail while we waited. When we got home and inspected the car more closely, we could tell the crew rushed cleanup but instead of complaining on Yelp with a bad review, I emailed Albert to let him know, sent him pics, and made sure I brought it to his attention only for the purposes of letting his team know they left a bit of a mess due to rushing in the hopes they do better for the next client. I told him it was okay and don't hold it against them, but he said they should do better and that he'd talk to the guys. I appreciated his honesty and willingness to bring it up to the team rather than get defensive. A few days later, we decided to have some PPF installed on the car. Albert gave us a great deal and we were able to pick up the car an hour before promised thanks to the great weather. Now we're debating getting ceramic tinting on our 2012 Honda Odyssey. We're definitely coming back if we decide to move forward with it.

thumb Chanel U.

  I needed to have my rear window tint replaced after this summer's heat destroyed it.  Deluxe Window Tinting responded to my request for a quote very quickly!  The price was fair, and it took only an hour while I waited in their comfortable waiting room with tv and refreshments.  Overall, it was a pleasant experience that didn't break the bank.  Great customer service - I highly recommend this company.  Thanks, guys!

thumb Tina S.

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09/17 - I forgot to take this out of my drafts, because I started it while leaving the waiting room of Deluxe Window Tint - I was so happy I could not wait.

For years now, I've gawked over my best friend's ceramic window tint. The interior is always noticeably more tolerable than mine, especially during the nasty Sacramento summers, and it's eye-catching from the outside. It looks luxury in every way and I kept saying I was going to take the leap and have mine done. The leap [edit: push] finally came 🙂

I drive a 2015 Rav-4 Limited Edition, which has "included factory tint" as part of the 'upgrade package' back then. I never noticed how, well, unnoticeable "factory tint" is or that some cars straight up have none at all. The factory tint is the glass windows themselves dyed, and it doesn't offer any functional protection. It's also not on the front windows at all so it's pointless for me as a driver anyways.   FYI: I'm near Elk Grove, where there are dozens of window tinting places in and around the area, but I'm so impressed with my friend's car this drive was beyond worth it. From what I understand, the deal was unbeatable too!
**I regret not taking before photos, but photos posted are after tint**

This was all set up for me, and Albert, who I had the pleasure of meeting the minute we arrived, was just the nicest guy ever. He personally tinted my best friend's car and was so professional and excited when i wanted the same done for mine.
The entire time he was patient, he didn't mansplain the options and percentages like all auto industry guys do. He helped me choose what would look best and be the most functional, which ended up being ceramic tint on all 9 (?) Windows and my back windshield. The back he recommended 10% since I already had factory tint and the overlay would bring it to my desired 5%. The front I believe was now 35%, 20% scared me drawing too much attention in contrast to my car and I had no tint anyways so it was very noticeable right away.

Albert made this experience unforgettably positive. Their entire waiting area is clean and open and welcoming. They have very modern couches and TV with Netflix selections while you wait, as well as a beverage fridge and coffee machine for customer use. They have a 2nd TV with live feed of the vehicle being tinted so you can watch in real time while they do it. I loved that and wish all auto service places did this!
Albert also was very reassuring and the whole crew took their time. My entire car was done in just about 1 hour, which passed by quickly in the waiting room. Cars before and after mine were non-stop which was a good sign and they were intentional and professional with each one.

The quality of their ceramic product is unmatched. Seriously, I can't believe how nice it looks - from the inside and the outside - and am blown away at how much of a difference it has made, especially in the back where my young daughter used to fear climbing in because of the heat. My trunk and 2nd row are amazingly cooler and darker. I can now double up on grocery trips or feel better about a backpack left inside because of the privacy the tint has given me. I have told everyone who has seen it to go to Albert at Deluxe Window. I highly recommend their ceramic, the upfront cost is just an investment and the warranty it comes with, along with the warranty on the workmanship guarantee, is so worth it. I wish I had come here when I bought my car years ago!

I 100% recommend this place, and especially Albert, for any auto tinting or ceramic coating needs. I'm bringing all of my future vehicles back and can't wait to return for my windshield!

thumb Marie A.